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2020 / 08 / 04 Products & Solutions- LEI was taking a very different step by sponsoring?power to E-Bike team at UCRR. Not only the racing game itself catches eyes...

20's UCRR(University Campus of Road Racing) was held on the 1st & 2nd of August, 2020 in Longtan District, Taoyuan City. It was a really exciting experience to have as LEI was the sponsor to one of the racer team - Twins Luck. LEI has supplied its latest  EV product developed - 1.5KW E-Bike On Board Charger for immediate on-site charging. In the end, E-Monkey EV Bike that represents Twins Luck has won the 2nd place and the vehicle's performance was impressive during the game. 

That was a very different step to LEI by sponsoring power to E-Bike team. Not only the racing game itself catches eyes as well as the charging speed and efficiency of motors for vehicles.

To learn more about our 1.5KW OBC, please visit
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